Past Construction Projects

Asbestos Removal Service was started in 1998 by Scott and Susan Lane. Scott was employed in the cities for over 10 years at one of Minnesota’s largest abatement companies and was a Star Performer generating huge profits for the owner by using new and explorative techniques of abatement. Scott hung his own shingle and as they say history was made.

At his own company, Scott continues to use advanced technology to pursue, capture and conquer asbestos in many different settings. Being able to draw from his vast and deep well of knowledge on the subject of asbestos he will make your experience with asbestos fast and painless. In other words – You won’t even know we were there except for the asbestos being gone. As always safety is and always will be our #1 goal.


Glove Bagged on 1/2 mile long bridge 80 feet above water. Accessibility only by Snorkel  truck.



Removed 10,000 square foot of triple (3 layers) of Floor tile on wood.



Bag out at Cascade Tissue in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.We abetted 5 boilers. Each  boiler was the size of a normal house.

 Flooring Project  


Removed 25,000 square foot of Floor tile on cement.